About Us

LHY Engineering & Machinery Sdn Bhd is a company that has over 30 years of experience in steelwork industry. We started from steelwork fabrication & forming until specialists in rolling, bending, machining, fabrication, construction, and renovation for different industries & markets.

In the year 2000, we became the main pile shoe manufacturing company in Malaysia and continuous improvement to be one of the pile shoe suppliers in the international market. Besides manufacturing, we also successful in delivering a few projects related to engineering, fabrication & construction. Our projects for design & building include latex tanks, diesel storage tanks, water treatment tanks, pontoon, and plant/office renovation. Our construction projects include built-up factory/ plant, cooling water pipe, pipe racks, and stair tower. Our business nowadays includes engineering, fabrication, construction, manufacturing and product services. We commit to our customers about our quality, honesty, and on-time delivery.

Our Vision

To provide multi solutions and develop the best practices of manufacturing and construction industrial. Innovative methodology and effective work plan to lead on time delivery and clients’ satisfaction.
Why Choose Us?
On Time Delivery
Excellent Quality
Fair Price
Our Factories
Workshop Size Overhead Crane Purpose
1A 18m (W) x 20m (H) x 76m (L) 6.3 MTon (1 no.) Bending/ Rolling/ Machining
1B 18m (W) x 20m (H) x 76m (L) 6.3 MTon (2 nos.) Rolling / Assembly
Workshop Size Overhead Crane Purpose
1C 15m (W) x 10m (H) x 76m (L) N/A Pre-fabrication / Assembly
Workshop Size Overhead Crane Purpose
2A 24m (W) x 30m (H) x 43m (L) 10 MTon (1 no.) Rolling/ Cnc Cutting
2B 24m (W) x 30m (H) x 52m (L) 40 MTon (1 no.) & 10 MTon (1 no.) Fabrication/ Assembly/ Machining

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